Moving the Industry Forward with Better Performing Larvicides for Drone Applications

At Central Life Sciences, we are proud to maintain our position at the forefront of mosquito control innovation. This includes supplying the industry with products that offer an ideal complement to the emerging application technologies gaining popularity, including drones/UAS.

Mosquito control professionals have long relied on our comprehensive line of larvicides for effective performance and consistent results. Now, they are discovering the advantage of using Central Life Sciences larvicides for aerial applications, including drones.

Our products feature low application rates and higher-density granules, allowing for better canopy penetration and increased treatment area per load when paired with drone technology. The greater weight of these granules also helps them propel further out during aerial applications, achieving swath widths of up to 90 feet with some products.

Central Life Sciences has partnered with Leading Edge Aerial Technologies (LEAT) to ensure the compatibility and effectiveness of our granular larvicides with drone technology. Through a series of characterization trials conducted in 2023 using PrecisionVision 40X UAS and LEAT’s DropVision AG software, we have achieved precise and effective swath width measurements. You can view the detailed results by downloading this brochure.

The brochure details our line of larvicides ideal for drone applications, including:

ALTOSID® P35: A unique granule formulation that offers up to 35 days of control with accurate application and canopy penetration.

ALTOSID XR-G® ULTRA: This dust-free larvicide formulation provides efficient and effective larval control, preventing the emergence of adult mosquitoes for up to 28 days.

ALTOSID XR-G®: Effective for up to 21 days, this formulation is ideal for aerial applications in standing water over large tracts of land, ponds, and lakes.

ALTOSID SBG® II SINGLE BROOD GRANULE: Providing up to 7 days of residual control of mosquito larvae, Altosid SBG® II granules can be applied pre- or post-hatch to various standing water sites.

DUPLEX G: This dual-active ingredient mix combines the quick kill of Bti with 28 days of residual control from (S)-methoprene, ensuring treatment confidence.

FOURSTAR® Bti CRG: With dual-action controlled release technology, Fourstar® Bti CRG remains effective through wet and dry periods, killing larvae for up to 40 days and four floodings.