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Bag of Altosid P35 Granular Larvicide

Altosid® P35

A unique granule formulation, Altosid® P35 larvicide provides 35 days of residual control in continuously wet conditions. With extended release technology, this easy-to-use formulation also offers pre-treatment capabilities 15 days prior to flooding (pre-hatch). The insect growth regulator (S)-methoprene is immediately activated when wet and released to start controlling adult mosquito emergence.

Altosid® P35 larvicide has a smooth, uniform design to prevent bridging in equipment and make calibration simple. Its bulk density allows for easy aerial and/or ground applications to a variety of larval habitats.


  • Dual encapsulation for short- and long-term release of the IGR
  • Uniform spherical design
  • Up to 35 days of residual control
  • Pre-treatment of floodwater habitats
Altosid® P35
Manage mosquito populations and your mosquito abatement budget at the same time.
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