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Central Life Sciences Rebate Offers

At Central Life Sciences, we pride ourselves on producing effective, environmentally conscious mosquito control. Our commitment towards reducing our environmental footprint is reflected in our product lineup of mosquito control solutions, including Altosid® larvicides, Zenivex® reduced-risk adulticidesFourStar® microbial larvicides, and Duplex™-G larvicide. To build upon our goal of protecting public health with a commitment to environmental compatibility, we’re proud to offer customers big savings for their wallets and the environment with the 2020 All Clear Rebate.

All Clear Rebate

Protect your community while also protecting your budget with big savings on select Central Life Sciences products! When you purchase Altosid®, FourStar®, Zenivex® and Duplex™-G products from Central Life Sciences, you can get cash back using the 2020 All Clear Rebate. See how much you can save and learn more about how the rebate works in the link below.