Altosid XR-G®

With extended residual control, this granular insect growth regulator (IGR) is designed to prevent the emergence of adult mosquitoes, including those which may transmit vector-borne diseases like West Nile virus, Zika virus, Chikungunya and dengue. Altosid XR-G® kills mosquito larvae in stagnant water where they breed, including temporary or floodwater areas and irrigated cropland. Effective for up to 21 days, this formulation provides effective and flexible control—ideal for aerial applications in standing water over large tracts of land, ponds and lakes needing canopy penetration.


  • Biochemical mosquito control
  • Up to 21 days of residual control in standing water
  • Effectiveness on multiple broods
  • Application rates of 5 to 20 lbs per acre
  • Available sizes: 2.5 lb, 40 lb

Manage mosquito populations and your mosquito abatement budget at the same time.

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