Duplex™-G Larvicide

Duplex™-G larvicide delivers dual-active control through a combination of biorational control agent (S)-methoprene and biological control agent Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti) in a granular formulation.


  • Provides a quick kill with long residual control of most mosquito larvae species
  • Allows for pre-flood treatments with “Active Booster Release Technology”
  • Features a high bulk density allowing for excellent foliage penetration with no-drift applications
  • Assists with resistance management
  • Creates low-to-no impact on non-target species with (S)-methoprene core designed for environmental compatibility
  • Ensures calibration ease and normalized swath characterization for ground and aerial application equipment with uniform granule size
  • Offers wide application range; 2.5 – 20 lbs. per acre

Manage mosquito populations and your mosquito abatement budget at the same time.

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