A history of innovation and thought leadership

Since Central Life Sciences discovered the insect growth regulators (IGR) methoprene, hydroprene and kinoprene over 40 years ago, we have dedicated our efforts to improving public health and well-being, with trusted products to control economic, nuisance and disease-carrying insect pests—with mosquitoes being a primary target.

MADs and PHOs across the country have come to depend on our diverse portfolio of mosquito management solutions—which includes patented formulations and delivery technologies along with our breadth of larvicides and adulticides.

As the preeminent industry supporter of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA), we have sponsored AMCA webinars, national and regional association meetings and events, and have even funded travel for first-time attendees of AMCA Washington Days who could not otherwise afford to attend, including students.

Our thought leadership and industry stewardship is evident far beyond our products and support. Well before concern over the spread of Zika virus invaded the world’s consciousness, we provided mosquito control professionals with communications tools to support their efforts. This support has recently been expanded to include our new SLAP campaign, a mosquito awareness campaign coming soon to communities nationwide, as well as on the web at mosquito-awareness.com.