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Mosquitoes are not only irritating—they are a vector for diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Dengue Fever and Chikungunya virus, as well as the emerging threat of Zika virus. Communities across the country need mosquito control they can count on to combat both the nuisance factor and the potential health risks. Mosquito control professionals know Central Life Sciences brands offer proven active ingredients in a range of formulations to help keep their communities protected.

Central Life Sciences is dedicated to creating healthier environments and making life better for people, plants and companion animals around the world. As inventors of insect growth regulator technology more than 35 years ago, the founders of Central Life Sciences pioneered biorational pest control: using the insect’s chemistry as a means to reduce pest populations.

Public Health Officials

For Public Health Officials (PHOs), mosquito-borne diseases are just one of many concerns they must factor into their planning …until there’s an outbreak. At that point, the need for effective control becomes immediate.

Mosquito Abatement  Districts

Mosquito Abatement Districts (MADs) depend on access to long-term, cost-effective, environmentally responsible mosquito control—adulticide and larvicides—to meet the specific needs of their community.

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