Dual-Action Larvicide

Carrying forward a tradition of innovation and environmental responsibility, Central Life Sciences introduces Duplex™-G larvicide. The solution combines a biorational control agent, (S)-methoprene, with a biological control agent, Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti). The (S)-methoprene core and Bti outer layer are both activated when wet, offering up to 28 days of residual control and the ability to apply as a pre-flood treatment. By combining two modes of action in a single product, Duplex™-G larvicide helps with resistance management and reduces the need for product rotation.

The Duplex Advantage

Duplex™-G larvicide offers the quick kill and long residual control of all species of mosquito larvae. The outer layer of Bti kills 1st through early 4th instar mosquito larvae within 72 hours while the (S)-methoprene core disrupts adult mosquito development when applied prior or up to the late 4th instar stage. Both control agents have extremely low toxicity to non-target species and quickly break down in the environment preventing bioaccumulation of the active ingredients.

Large white product bag of Duplex- G Larvicide