Lambda 9.7 CS

Lambda 9.7 CS is an ideal solution for backyard mosquito control treatments. This encapsulated insecticide features a longer residual control as it will not break down in heat and UV exposure. Dilute with water and apply Lambda 9.7 CS via hand-held or power-operated equipment as a coarse spray for general surface, crack and crevice or spot treatments. The formulation stays in suspension with no clogging or clumping. Lambda 9.7 CS can be tank mixed with an insect growth regulator (IGR).


  • Flexible indoor and outdoor use 
  • Knockdown of adult mosquitoes with residual control 
  • Perimeter application allows flexible band width 
  • Power spray, crack and crevice, spot applications

Manage mosquito populations and your mosquito abatement budget at the same time.

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