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Four cork shaped Altosid XR-Briquets behind five stacked slim sized briquets.

Altosid® XR-Briquets

Habitats that need the most control are often the most undesirable and difficult to treat. So you'll be pleased to learn that a single application of Altosid® XR-Briquets offers up to 150 days of control. Like Altosid® 30-Day Briquets, XR Briquets require no expensive application equipment, and can be used for pre-treatment before the wet season. That means you're better able to treat hard-to-access or out-lying areas, and can eliminate the additional costs associated with travel and multiple re-treatments. Altosid® XR Briquets are available in the original “cork” shape, as well as a “slim” size shape for even the tightest fits. Altosid® XR Briquets make application easier and still deliver season-long control of mosquito larvae for up to 150 days.


  • Slow release control for up to 150 days
  • Multiple shapes for easy applications
  • Extended shelf life
  • Easy-to-use
Altosid® XR-Briquets
Manage mosquito populations and your mosquito abatement budget at the same time.
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