• Aqua Zenivex E20

    Aqua Zenivex® E20 is a water-dilutable option that is effective at controlling populations of mosquitoes, midge flies, and nuisance flies.

  • Zenivex® E20

    Zenivex® E20 is an oil-based mosquito control formula that does not require dilution and has a very low toxicity profile.

  • Zenivex® E4 RTU

    Zenivex® E4 RTU adulticide formulation contains Etofenprox, making it a highly effective mosquito control solution with a variety of applications.

  • Altosid XR-G® Ultra

    Altosid XR-G® Ultra provides flexible and effective larval control over adult mosquitoes, including those which may transmit vector-borne diseases.

  • Altosid® Liquid SR-20

    Altosid® Liquid SR-20 Larvicide offers superior control over areas like floodwater and irrigated cropland.

  • Altosid Pellets with DR-tech

    Altosid® Pellets Larvicide with DR-tech has a slow release insect growth regulator that offers 30 days of control and helps prevent mosquito borne illness.

  • Altosid® SBG II

    Altosid® SBG II controls mosquito larvae in standing cold water and provides 7 days of residual control after application.

  • Altosid® Pellets WSP

    Altosid® Pellets WSP Larvicide is a convenient and environmentally responsible way to treat hard to reach areas and control mosquito populations.

  • CentralMosquitoControl

    Central Life Sciences offers professional solutions for mosquito control proven to help keep communities protected.

  • All Products

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  • Duplex™-G

    Duplex™-G Larvicide provides a quick kill and long-residual control without the negative environmental impact.

  • FourStar

    FourStar® larvicides feature naturally occurring bacteria to kill mosquito larvae before they become adults.

  • Zenivex®

    Zenivex® provides quick, permanent knockdown and reliable control of adult mosquito populations in any mosquito habitat with a reduced risk classification.

  • Altosid®

    Altosid® products stop mosquitoes from becoming adults. (S)-Methoprene will not affect fish, waterfowl, mammals or beneficial predatory insects.

  • Perm-X™

    Perm-X™ formulations differ in their ratios of active ingredients to give users a rotation of consistently effective mosquito control.

  • Pyronyl™

    Pyronyl™ concentrates provide effective knockdown and kill, while allowing lower use rates and alleviating concerns with resistance.