• Zenivex® E20

    Zenivex® E20 is an oil-based mosquito control formula that does not require dilution and has a very low toxicity profile.

  • Zenivex® E4 RTU

    Zenivex® E4 RTU adulticide formulation contains Etofenprox, making it a highly effective mosquito control solution with a variety of applications.

  • Lambda 9.7 CS

    Lambda 9.7 CS insecticide is a professional mosquito control solution perfect for backyards.

  • Mavrik® Perimeter

    Mavrik Perimeter insecticide provides protection from mosquitoes as well as other pests, and leaves behind no residue or odor.

  • Essentria® IC Pro

    Featuring active ingredients derived from essential oils, Essentria® IC Pro insecticide is an environmentally friendly pest control solution.

  • Altosid® Liquid SR-20

    Altosid® Liquid SR-20 Larvicide offers superior control over areas like floodwater and irrigated cropland.

  • Altosid XR-G® Ultra

    Altosid XR-G® Ultra provides flexible and effective larval control over adult mosquitoes, including those which may transmit vector-borne diseases.

  • Altosid Pellets with DR-tech

    Altosid® Pellets Larvicide with DR-tech has a slow release insect growth regulator that offers 30 days of control and helps prevent mosquito borne illness.

  • CentralMosquitoControl

    Central Life Sciences offers professional solutions for mosquito control proven to help keep communities protected.

  • All Products

    All Products : Central Mosquito Control

  • Zenivex®

    Zenivex® provides quick, permanent knockdown and reliable control of adult mosquito populations in any mosquito habitat with a reduced risk classification.

  • Barrier Treatments

    Barrier treatments such as Mavrik Perimeter and Essentria IC3 are applied to perimeters around buildings and outside surfaces including plants and shrubs where mosquitoes are most likely to rest.

  • Altosid®

    Altosid® products stop mosquitoes from becoming adults. (S)-Methoprene will not affect fish, waterfowl, mammals or beneficial predatory insects.

  • Duplex™-G

    Duplex™-G Larvicide provides a quick kill and long-residual control without the negative environmental impact.

  • Perm-X™

    Perm-X™ formulations differ in their ratios of active ingredients to give users a rotation of consistently effective mosquito control.

  • FourStar

    FourStar® larvicides feature naturally occurring bacteria to kill mosquito larvae before they become adults.