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Protect Your Community and Save with the Zenivex Rebate Program

Get cashback on your adulticide purchases with the Zenivex® Rebate! Starting June 1, 2022, you can earn up to 10% cash back when you purchase designated amounts of Zenivex® products.

Orders of Zenivex® E20 and Aqua Zenivex™ E20 totaling 90 gallons or more qualify for a 10% rebate. Orders of Zenivex® E4 RTU of 120 gallons or more qualify for a 7.5% rebate. Zenivex® E4 RTU and Zenivex® E20 are oil-based formulations for Ultra Low Volume (ULV) applications and do not require dilution. Aqua Zenivex™ E20 has the toxicity and efficacy profile of Zenivex® products in a water-dilutable formulation.

Aqua Zenivex™ E20

Aqua Zenivex™ E20 is a reduced-risk, water-dilutable option for effective mosquito control.

Zenivex® E4 RTU

 Zenivex™ E4 RTU is a ready-to-use mosquito control adulticide that’s approved for ground and aerial applications.

Zenivex® E20

Zenivex® E20 is ideal for ULV applications, including urban areas and can be used diluted or undiluted

  • Quick, permanent knockdown of adult mosquitoes
  • EPA reduced-risk classification
  • Approved for use over agricultural crops
  • Favorable environmental profile
  • Non-ester pyrethroid
  • Low toxicity

Zenivex® product purchases under this program also qualify for our 2022 All Clear Year-End Rebate program. Plus, rebates can be provided with cash back or product.