Protecting Your Community from Mosquitoes During Tornado Season


As tornado season approaches, preparing for severe weather is essential. While most people know to seek shelter during a tornado, many overlook the potential hazards that come with the aftermath, including mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are notorious for their ability to transmit diseases such as West Nile virus and Zika virus, and as such, they also pose an additional threat during tornado season. This is because mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, and after a tornado, there can be an abundance of standing water in previously dry areas. This standing water provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can quickly become a major problem.

To prevent mosquito bites and reduce the risk of disease transmission, it’s important for communities to be prepared to take steps to eliminate breeding sites and protect people from mosquitoes in the wake of a tornado. Central Life Sciences offers public health mosquito control programs with several product options that can be used in an emergency response situation to protect workers and residents as they recover from these disasters. These products include:

Altosid® Liquid SR-5

  • Ready-to-Use liquid larvicide - approved for aerial and ground ULV applications
  • Can be used on site to make Altosand® formulations
  • Offers superior control in a wide range of habitats, such as temporary or floodwater breeding areas and irrigated cropland

Altosid® Liquid SR-20

  • Liquid larvicide concentrate that kills larval mosquito pest species
  • Consistent results in all mosquito population densities - Offers superior control in a wide range of habitats, such as temporary or floodwater breeding areas and irrigated cropland
  • Effective and flexible formulation fitting for any mosquito control program

Altosid® P35

  • Provides 35 days of residual control in continuously wet conditions
  • Offers pre-treatment capabilities 15 days prior to flooding (pre-hatch)
  • Spherical design is easy to apply and immediately activated when wet

Altosid® XR Extended Residual Briquets

  • Delivers season-long control of mosquito larvae for up to 150 days
  • Can be used for pre-treatment before the wet season
  • Available in the original “cork” shape, as well as a “slim” ingot shape for even the tightest fits

Altosid XR-G® Ultra

  • Effective for up to 28 days in standing water
  • Labeled for up to 14 days pre-treat floodwater habitats
  • Cost effective, carbon-free, clean granule matrix that is ideal for consistent and precise applications


  • Allows for pre-flood treatments with “Active Booster Release Technology”
  • High-bulk density allows for excellent foliage penetration with minimal drift
  • Low-to-no impact on non-target species with (S)-methoprene core and Bti coating designed for quick initial knockdown and 28 residual control with environmental compatibility

Zenivex® Products

  • Ready-to-use for ground or aerial application
  • Require no aquatic setbacks and have crop approval so you can spray throughout urban and rural settings
  • The active ingredient, Etofenprox, is classified by the EPA as reduced risk

By using these recommended products, mosquito control districts and municipalities can reduce the risk of mosquito bites and protect residents from the diseases they may carry. Don’t overlook the potential threat of mosquitoes during tornado season – take action to keep your community as safe as possible.