Be Prepared for Spring Rainfall

Mosquitoes often thrive all summer, thanks, in part, to the spring rain. Rainy weather provides mosquitoes with many opportunities to lay their eggs in stagnant water and mosquito populations can multiply considerably when warm weather follows. With products like Altosid® P35 larvicide, Altosid XR-G® Ultra granule larvicide and Duplex™-G larvicide, you have everything you need to take on the upcoming rainy season.

Zoëcon® Altosid® P35

  • Provides 35 days of residual control in continuously wet conditions
  • Offers pre-treatment capabilities 15 days prior to flooding (pre-hatch)
  • Spherical design is easy to apply and immediately activated when wet

Zoëcon® Altosid XR-G® Ultra

  • Effective for up to 28 days in standing water
  • Labeled for up to 14 days pre-treat floodwater habitats
  • Cost effective, carbon-free, clean granule matrix that is ideal for consistent and precise applications

Zoëcon® Duplex™-G

  • Allows for pre-flood treatments with “Active Booster Release Technology”
  • High-bulk density allows for excellent foliage penetration with minimal drift
  • Low-to-no impact on non-target species with (S)-methoprene core and Bti coating designed for environmental compatibility


Prepare for the rainy season with mosquito control products from Central Life Sciences.