Mosquito Control in Hurricane Aftermath: Protecting Against Disease Transmission

The aftermath of hurricanes presents a unique challenge: the increased risk of mosquito-borne diseases. As these natural disasters subside, the conditions for mosquito breeding flourish, leading to a potential rise in disease transmission. According to the CDC, viruses that can be transmitted by mosquitoes may increase anywhere from two weeks to two months after a hurricane, especially in the warm summer months. Extensive flooding and residual standing water create the perfect breeding ground for various mosquito species.

Harnessing IGRs for Effective Mosquito Management

The Altosid® IGR line of larvicides offers a range of professional solutions to combat the mosquito populations that may arise. The full line features the insect growth regulator (IGR) (S)-Methoprene, which offers target-specific mosquito control without affecting aquatic life or beneficial insects. Among these solutions, Altosid® Liquid Larvicides stand out for their ability to obstruct the emergence of adult mosquitoes from standing water and ease of application. This specialized formulation targets species capable of transmitting diseases like West Nile virus, Zika virus, chikungunya, and dengue fever.

The target-specific control of Altosid® Liquid Larvicides makes the products ideal for sensitive ecosystems - such as those found throughout Florida and the Gulf Coast – by ensuring surrounding wildlife and aquatic life remain unharmed. Additionally, the application flexibility of Altosid® Liquid Larvicides makes them a fit for nearly any landscapes or settings.

ULV and Mist Sprayer Applications

Altosid® Liquid Larvicides are approved for aerial and ground applications, proven to be effective in Power Mist Sprayer or Ultra-low Volume (ULV) treatments for control of container-breeding and floodwater mosquitoes. These applications offer extensive coverage across various habitats, making them well-suited for hurricane-prone areas that feature both diverse urban and rural environments. The cost-effective nature of these applications ensures that even large-scale mosquito control programs can be efficiently managed in nearly any environment.

Power Mist Sprayer applications are designed to provide extensive coverage over large areas. Altosid® Liquid Larvicides can be applied from either standard ULV sprayers or large power Mist Sprayers to provide exceptional control across a wide range of habitats. Terrestrial sites such as backyard water-holding containers, temporary floodwater, and irrigated pastures can be treated as effectively as more permanent mosquito breeding areas like swamps and salt marshes.

The surge in mosquito populations following hurricanes elevates the risk of disease transmission. By embracing strategic tactics, including the use of Altosid® Liquid Larvicides, communities can effectively manage mosquito challenges and safeguard public health in the wake of extreme weather.