Altosid® Liquid Larvicides with ULV and Mist Sprayer Applications: Effective Solutions for Mosquito Control

Altosid® Liquid Larvicides are microencapsulated liquid larvicides containing the active ingredient (S)-methoprene. They were created after extensive research into the intricacies of natural biochemical and physiological development of insects. As unique mosquito larvicides, Altosid® Liquid Larvicides’ mode of action prevents adult mosquito emergence from standing water, including those species capable of transmitting West Nile virus, Zika virus, chikungunya, and dengue fever.

Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Concentrate (SR-20), a concentrate containing 20 percent of the active (S)-methoprene, and Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Mosquito Growth Regulator (SR-5), containing 5 percent, are labeled for aerial and ground applications, both through Ultra-low Volume (ULV) systems and power Mist Sprayers, in locations that require large-area coverage.

Benefits of ULV and Mist Sprayer Applications with Altosid® Liquid Larvicides

  • Broad coverage: ULV and power Mist Sprayer applications are designed to provide extensive coverage over large areas. Altosid® Liquid Larvicides can be applied from either standard ULV sprayers or large power Mist Sprayers to provide exceptional control across a wide range of habitats. Terrestrial sites such as backyard water-holding containers, temporary floodwater, and irrigated pastures can be treated as effectively as more permanent mosquito breeding areas like swamps and salt marshes.
  • Cost-effective: The low application rate of Altosid® Liquid Larvicides through ULV systems or power Mist Sprayers makes them a cost-effective choice for large-scale mosquito control programs in both urban and rural environments.
  • Ease of application: Both formulations of Altosid® Liquid Larvicide are easily diluted, easy on equipment, and allow for quick clean up. Plus, neither will stain paint or spot vegetation.

For application of Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Concentrate (SR-20) to terrestrial sites, apply at the rate of ¾ to 1 fl oz of product per acre to water-holding containers and other bodies of water that breed mosquitoes such as difficult-to-reach urban sites, pastures, fields, freshwater swamps and marshes, woodland pools and meadows, drainage areas, ditches and other natural and man-made depressions. Apply Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Mosquito Growth Regulator (SR-5) to the same sites at a rate of 3 to 4 fl oz of product per acre. Follow Altosid® Liquid Larvicide label Directions For Use and equipment manufacturer’s recommendations when making applications.