Consider Altosid® SBG II Single Brood Granule for Early Cold Spring Confidence

Early season mosquito suppression is always top-of-mind, and while MADs have had to adapt under COVID-19 operating conditions, spring conditions remain ideal for mosquito breeding. Altosid® SBG II is designed to control single broods of mosquito larvae in water depths up to 15 inches and provides up to 7 days of residual control. The flexible solution can be applied pre- or post-hatch, to a variety of standing water sites from roadside ditches and storm drains to pastures and fruit orchards. (S)-methoprene, the active ingredient in Altosid® SBG II, provides excellent control in cold water for early spring control confidence.

Altosid® SBG II Features:

  • When applied at low label rates, Altosid® SBG II provides one of the lowest costs per acre for a single brood granule treatment
  • Up to 7 days of residual control
  • Controls mosquito larvae through the 4th instar
  • Heavy bulk density provides for better swath width and superior vegetation penetration

Get ahead of early season mosquito population spikes with Altosid® SBG II. All purchases of Altosid® SBG II qualify for the 2022 ALL Clear Rebate, making all treatments even more economical. Learn more about Altosid® SBG II for spring treatments.