Altosid® Liquid Larvicide: The Ideal Solution for Power Mist Sprayers

Mosquitoes are evolving and their ranges are expanding. The habitats they infest – from large, flooded areas to cryptic backyard sources - are increasing. With this expansion comes a growing threat from the diseases they can carry and transmit to both people and animals. To meet these new challenges, mosquito control professionals need innovative solutions and evolved strategies. Enter Altosid® Liquid Larvicides.

Altosid® Liquid Larvicides offer the ideal complement to the emerging class of power mist sprayers capable of wide area larvicide applications. The products deliver effective mosquito control that professionals have relied upon for decades in a format that is easy to mix, easy on equipment, easy to clean up and cost effective.

To help mosquito control professionals learn about the benefits and best practices of pairing our best-in-class solution with this newer technology, we have created the all-new Altosid® Liquid Larvicide User’s Guide for Power Mist Sprayers.

Download this free, comprehensive resource and learn:

  • Benefits of Altosid® Liquid Larvicides in wide area larvicide applications, including the ability to support treatments with swath widths of up to 300 feet
  • Top application sites to treat mosquito habitats in both urban and rural settings
  • Tips for selecting a power mist sprayer that best meets the needs of a specific mosquito control program, including flow rate and nozzle performance
  • Recommended application rate and volume
  • Sprayer calibration suggestions inclusive of droplet size recommendations and helpful formulas to calculate the ideal performance
  • Methods to quantify and evaluate the efficacy of Altosid® Liquid Larvicides, including the use of pupae sampling, adult mosquito trapping and ovitraps

Altosid® Liquid Larvicides come in two formulations, Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Mosquito Growth Regulator (SR-5) and Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Concentrate (SR-20), both of which are labeled for aerial and ground ULV and fine mist applications in urban and rural habitats. The products feature our pioneering IGR, (S)-methoprene, to prevent the emergence of adult mosquitoes including those that may transmit diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, Dengue fever and chikungunya. The products have no impact on non-target species, offering environmentally conscious mosquito control in even the most sensitive areas.

*To learn more about pairing Altosid® Liquid Larvicides with power mist sprayers, download our free user guide today. This is Mosquito Control Evolved.


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*Read and follow all label directions to prevent misuse of Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Mosquito Growth Regulator.