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Central Life Sciences Introduces Dual-Action Zoecon® Duplex™-G Mosquito Control Larvicide

Innovative solution offers quick kill and long-lasting control of mosquito larvae 

Schaumburg, Ill., November 7, 2017 – Central Life Sciences, the founders of the insect growth regulator {(S)-methoprene}, mosquito larvicide technology, and leaders in the mosquito control industry for more than 40 years, today announced the launch of Zoecon® Duplex™-G larvicide. This innovative granular mosquito control solution features a unique combination of biorational and biological control agents in an extended residual formulation capable of pre-flood treatments.

“The launch of Duplex-G larvicide reflects the commitment to both innovation and environmental responsibility that have driven us since our founders invented Altosid IGR nearly 50 years ago,” said John Neberz, director of marketing for the Vector division of Central Life Sciences. “We’re proud to build upon our industry leading lineup of mosquito control solutions with the unmatched set of features and excellent toxicity profile found with Duplex-G larvicide.” Zoecon® Duplex™-G larvicide is a multiple brood spherical granule, featuring dual active ingredients, Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti) and (S)-methoprene. Its uniform granule size ensures calibration ease, normalized swath characterization, and consistent product application through both ground and aerial equipment.

The (S)-methoprene core of Zoecon® Duplex™-G larvicide is designed for controlled release over a 28-day period, when continually flooded. If the area experiences intermittent dry periods, the core will stop releasing the active ingredient until the habitat re-floods. The outer shell contains layers of Bti that are only activated when wet via “Active Boost Release Technology”, allowing for pre-flood treatments. Both control agents in Zoecon® Duplex™-G are released to optimize larval control up to 28 days and quickly break down in the environment preventing bioaccumulation of the active ingredients.

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