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At Central Life Sciences, we have dedicated our efforts to improving public health and well-being with trusted products to control economic nuisance and disease-carrying insect pests, with mosquitoes being a primary target. We proudly offer an evolving portfolio with the industry's most comprehensive lineup of mosquito control products providing convenient solutions to meet any application need.

Our product line provides versatile mosquito control options for all budgets and environments to limit mosquito populations and mosquito-borne diseases. Central Life Sciences offers products that optimize advancements in aerial technology and urban mosquito control innovations. Whether it is a granular larvicide that allows for more treatment area per load when paired with drone technology, or a clean, easy-to-use liquid that provides reliable larval control in area-wide applications, Central Life Sciences has a solution to fit your needs.

Mosquito abatement districts and public health officials depend on our diverse portfolio of mosquito management solutions for complete control of mosquito populations in every corner of their communities.

To learn more about our products and stay up to date on the latest mosquito control technology, head over to the Central Mosquito YouTube channel.