Team Expertise at Central Life Sciences

Since Central Life Sciences discovered the insect growth regulators (IGR) methoprene, hydroprene and kinoprene over 40 years ago, we have dedicated our efforts to improving public health and well-being with trusted products to control economic, nuisance and disease-carrying insect pests—with mosquitoes being a primary target.

While our thought leadership and industry stewardship are evident far beyond our products and support, it is the quality and dedication of our people that makes Central Life Sciences the trusted company that it is today.

The team of Technical Services Entomologists and Regional Sales Managers at Central Life Sciences Mosquito Control is made up of highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing customers with the knowledge and resources they need to control mosquito populations effectively. The group is led by mosquito control experts with over 50 years of operational experience implementing and managing mosquito control programs. In addition, many of the team members have advanced degrees in fields such as entomology, biology, and chemistry, including several members who hold Ph.D. degrees.

Our experts are always available to share their extensive mosquito control knowledge with the industry by answering questions, supplying advice or providing customers with technical support about the products and services offered by Central Life Sciences. They can provide guidance on product selection, application methods, and other key factors that can impact the effectiveness of mosquito control efforts.

Ultimately, it is the people that make the difference at Central Life Sciences. They are an essential part of the company's efforts to provide customers with the most effective mosquito control solutions. With their expertise and dedication to customer support and education, the team is helping to improve the quality of life for people by reducing the impact of mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry.