Social Distancing Calls for Longer Residuals

We know social distancing guidelines and reduced staffing can make it more difficult to achieve confident control of mosquitoes. In Minnesota, one field operations supervisor stated “The job is changing. They’re limiting contact, staggering start times and wearing masks. And there’s a reduction of about 16% in seasonal employees.”

Because mosquitoes don’t follow social distancing guidelines, control can’t stop. A District Health Director in Georgia says “Even though we are doing COVID-19 all day every day, it’s still mosquito season.” Due to COVID-19, some areas could have smaller staffs as people are used elsewhere and some will be behind schedule on applications. To help aid this problem, the products communities are using need to work right the first time and stand the test of time. Products with longer residuals allow professionals to do more with less applications and don’t require increased manpower.

From granules to briquets, we have solutions offering extended residual control with products for any application need, including pre-flood treatments and hard-to-treat areas. Click the link below to get started protecting your community with long residual products and achieve confident control.

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To learn more about the benefits of the extended residual mosquito control solutions we offer, contact a Central Life Sciences rep in your region.