Mosquito Prevention calls for Increased Public Awareness

In today’s world, public awareness is crucial in preventing and controlling countless causes, including the public’s health. With Covid-19 being the major focus for the public right now, it’s important that we don’t let other important messages fall to the wayside. One of these important issues is disease-spreading mosquitoes.

David Brown, AMCA’s Technical Advisor states, “Mosquitoes remain the number one killer of humans on this planet. As humans come into increasing contact with exotic diseases as travel, trade, and tourism proliferate, it is essential to appreciate the vital role mosquito control efforts play in keeping our children, families, and communities safe from preventable disease.” To aid in control, we can’t stop educating the public on ways they can help prevent the spread of mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.

To aid in educating the public on the importance of this issue, the team at Central Life Sciences created the “Get the Upper Hand on Mosquitoes” campaign. This campaign offers free resources, mosquito awareness materials, and support to mosquito control professionals and public health officials, to educate the general public and keep them informed on mosquito information, potential treatments in their area, and more. With this awareness campaign, local mosquito control professionals can focus their efforts on eliminating more potential breeding areas and effectively treating existing issues, to create a better community for all.

In addition to our educational website,, we’ve created a series of posters, door hangers, informational brochures, social media graphics, and an email template that can be customized for your community or region. Learn more and get your customized materials here to support your efforts protecting your community against disease-carrying mosquitoes.