Mosquito Control Evolved: AMCA 2024 Insights

Central Life Sciences had a fantastic experience at the 90th annual AMCA meeting in Dallas! Our speakers were thrilled to share their extensive knowledge on mosquito control, offering valuable insights, advice, and technical support for Central Life Sciences' products and services.

Mosquitoes are constantly evolving, bringing new challenges with them. Central Life Sciences stands at the forefront of mosquito control, providing solutions for mosquito abatement districts (MADs) to combat the threats of tomorrow using today's most advanced tools. Emerging application technologies, such as drones and wide-area power mist sprayers, are revolutionizing professional mosquito control, and our team of experts ensures that we have the best products to support this cutting-edge tech.

If you missed it at AMCA, you can explore the distinct advantages that our innovative solutions offer, when paired with emerging technology, for mosquito control applications here:

  1. Ensure Swath Width: Achieve more consistent, wider swath widths with our high bulk density and granule sizes.
  2. Achieve Cleaner Application: Our granules produce minimal dust, ensuring cleaner applications for equipment and staff.
  3. Extend Residual Control: Our range of granule larvicide solutions offers extended residual control of up to 35 days, providing longer protection through fewer applications.
  4. Protect Equipment: Reduce wear and tear on equipment, extending its lifespan and minimizing maintenance costs.
  5. Limit PPE Requirements: Many of our solutions require less personal protective equipment, making applications more comfortable and efficient.
  6. Reduce Cost Per Acre: Deliver efficient mosquito control at a lower use rate and competitive cost per acre per day.

Our entire line of mosquito control solutions is shaped by our commitment to science and the experience of our team members, both in the laboratory and in the field. We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of industry technology to deliver the most effective and efficient solutions possible. This is mosquito control evolved.