Managing Budgets with Rebates

Now more than ever, mosquito control services play an essential role in protecting public health across the country. At Central Life Sciences, we understand that mosquito abatement districts (MADs) are looking for ways to maintain mosquito control services while managing their budgets during this time. To build upon our goal of protecting public health with cost-effective mosquito control solutions, Central Life Sciences is proud to offer customers savings this year with our All Clear Rebate.

When you purchase Altosid®, FourStar®, Zenivex® and Duplex™-G products from Central Life Sciences, you can earn up to 7% cash back for controlling mosquitoes with the All Clear Rebate. Our online rebate submission tool makes it easy for you to manage mosquito populations while saving money in the process. Get your orders in by December 31st and provide your community with cost-effective, extended residual mosquito control wherever you need it most.

In addition to offering rebates, the team at Central Life Sciences has created the “Get the Upper Hand on Mosquitoes” campaign. From free resources to mosquito awareness materials, this campaign is another budget-friendly way to control mosquitoes by educating the general public about their role in preventing them.