FourStar® CRG

FourStar® CRG is the first and only microbial granule to offer pre-flood application. That means it maintains effectiveness through wet and dry periods. A dual action controlled release technology in FourStar® CRG can kill larvae for up to 60 days and 4 floodings.


  • High density, spherical silica sand carrier
  • 9 to 1 (9% Bsph/1% Bti) combination active ingredients
  • Dual-action controlled release technology
  • Bulk density of 51 lbs/ft3
  • Up to 60 days control
  • Effectiveness in intermittent flood area


  • Can be applied to pre-flood areas
  • Wet/dry effectiveness reduces applications
  • Active ingredient ratio prevents resistance
  • Weight provides optimal vegetation penetration
  • Less target drift
  • More coverage per application


FourStar® CRG is approved for ground and aerial application at a minimum of 7.5 to 10 lbs/acre up to 20 lbs/acre.

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